MAA Pride Point – Supporting Mizzou


Circle of Support for MU:

* More people support Mizzou through MAA membership than any other way.

* MAA annually awards more scholarship funds to students than any other organization. MAA and its chapters award $567,000 annually in scholarship funds to new and returning students. Membership makes it possible for the Association to support students through the Alumni Scholars Program.

* Your membership makes Mizzou stronger by supporting faculty research through the Richard Wallace Faculty Grant Program. The Association awards more than $25,000 annually for faculty incentive grants.

* Joining MAA is the best all-inclusive way to support the university.

* Traditions Plaza and Mizzou Legacy Walk are two campus beautification projects spearheaded by the Association. The other recent MAA project, Tiger Plaza, was unveiled in 2002.

* The Homecoming Blood Drive is the largest blood drive in the nation. Each fall, more than 4,000 units are donated by students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members.


* More than 1,583 alumni volunteers plan events and activities nationally in support of Mizzou.

* The Association has a strong tradition of alumni support with 127 active chapters and organizations.

* Alumni participate in the Mizzou Legislative Network and provide grass root support on important legislative issues impacting Missouri’s flagship institution.

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