Scholarship is central to the mission of the Rocky Mountain Tigers. We strive to support as many students from Colorado as we can who desire to attend the University of Missouri, and we continually work to expand the scholarships we provide. We increased the number of scholarships and the dollar amount awarded each year. In 2021, thanks to the generous support of our alumni, we awarded NINE student scholarships, worth $13,000, to incoming and continuing Mizzou students! Meet our current scholars and some of their amazing work here.

You can impact the lives of young Coloradans by investing in our Scholarship Endowment program, established in 2015. Thanks to the generosity of the RMT Board, past donors and our ongoing campaign, we have raised more than $120,000. Our goal is to reach $125,000 this year. With nearly 6000 alumni living in Colorado – and with your help – we believe we can do it. Please donate today.

Any gift amount will make a difference and supports scholarship efforts in perpetuity. To make your one-time gift or set-up a recurring, tax-deductible payment, click the DONATE TODAY button below. Also, remember that many employers offer matching contributions to university donations.


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