About Our Donors

Our donors are the key to our scholarship program.  Since establishing our Scholarship Endowment in 2015, we have received over 470 gifts from over 200 donors, and raised almost $125,000.  We have donors who are Mizzou graduates from every decade beginning in 1940.

Many of our donors have unique stories worth sharing, ranging from their time at Mizzou to events and activities in their professional careers and personal lives.  Meet some of our donors here.

The generosity and support of our alumni and friends allow us to continue to increase the number and amount of scholarships awarded to Colorado students attending Mizzou.  Every donation makes a difference, regardless of the amount, and supports scholarship efforts in perpetuity. To make your one-time gift or set-up a recurring, tax-deductible payment, click the DONATE TODAY button below. Also, remember that many employers offer matching contributions to university donations.


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