Election Meeting Notice: RMT FY19 Board

Hey Tigers… Join us on election night!

The Rocky Mountain Tigers chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association is holding an election for its Board of Directors Tuesday, June 26 at 7:00 PM MDT at the Twin Dragon restaurant, 3021 S. Broadway in Englewood. 

The election coincides with RMT’s June Board of Directors meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend, and additional nominations at the meeting are permitted. Board members will serve July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.

We’re still looking for a volunteer to fill the Secretary position – a terrific job for anyone interested in getting more involved with our chapter. If you’re interested in this role, or if you’re interested in volunteering in some other capacity, please contact Susan Mays directly at mizzcommunicate@gmail.com.

FY 2019 Slate of Officers and Directors – Rocky Mountain Tigers

  • Susan Mays, President
  • Mica Ward, Treasurer
  • OPEN, Secretary
  • Dan Wilinsky, Past President
  • Rusty Martin, Endowment Co-Chair
  • Doug Link, Endowment Co-Chair
  • Morgan Adrian, Events Chair
  • Caleb Phillips, Marketing Chair
  • Julie Bowden, Membership Chair
  • Sara Beth Adams, Scholarship Chair
  • Michael Brannen, SEC Chair
  • Rich Gould, Capstone Chair
  • Danny Collins, At Large
  • Roxane Engelbrecht, At Large / Colorado Springs
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