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My involvement in organizations at Mizzou spans from the Alumni Association Student Board and AASB executive board, MAA marketing and strategic communications student assistant, QEBH in Tap Class 2018, Women’s Chorale/Concert Chorale in the School of Music and being a student representative for the Office of Admissions at student recruitment trips to Denver and Chicago.

This scholarship was a recognition for my academic/extracurricular accomplishments in high school and a promise of continued, enthusiastic support from the Rocky Mountain Tigers and Mizzou Alumni Association during my time at Mizzou and beyond. In addition to being a significant financial contribution to my education, this gift blossomed into an opportunity for lifelong friendships, mentorship, support and education.

Members of the RMT chapter have offered me countless opportunities to connect and engage with them, other alumni, students and faculty by attending Mizzou Alumni Association governing board events as one of the few student guests in the room, having visits on campus and participating in chapter events in Denver with my family during watch parties, local sports events and fun Denver activities. I’m grateful to have several personal friendships with chapter members who will be there to support and celebrate with me when my senior capstone documentary film premieres at the Missouri Theatre in May.

It is so evident in every interaction with chapter leaders that they believe in the university’s students, faculty, staff and alumni to continue a legacy that they wholeheartedly see for Mizzou. They work diligently to recruit Colorado high school students and make an effort to foster a sense of pride in young people, a reminder of the Mizzou spirit for those who have strong connections to the university and an example for those who will come to appreciate Mizzou’s strengths and values. As a Mizzou family, the chapter makes Colorado a meaningful, welcome place for alumni post-graduation.

Thank you, Mizzou Alumni Association donors, for generously contributing to Mizzou and the future of the university!



Hello Tigers!! My name is Abby Wist and I am the junior Rocky Mountain Tigers scholarship recipient! Currently, I am in my 6th semester of Nursing school. As a Nursing major, I get the opportunity to work with nurses both at Boone Hospital and the University of Missouri Hospital. During my clinical, I am able to get hands on experience handling medications, working with the health team to create an interdisciplinary approach to care, and performing skills such as starting IVs. Outside of class, I am involved in numerous organizations around campus. I am currently the Vice President of External Relations for the Alumni Association Student Board which provides me the opportunity to plan Mizzou 18 and 39 as well as Senior Sendoff and Tiger Walk. Additionally, I am a member of Tour Team where I get the opportunity to share my passion for Mizzou weekly with prospective students. I think a perfect way of describing my love for Mizzou is through my “Why Mizzou?” elevator pitch at the conclusion of my tours. When I was going through the application process, I got a call from a Mizzou alumnus who was working as a nurse in Denver. I knew there was something special about Mizzou from the beginning but this call confirmed that when you join Mizzou, you join a family. After applying and receiving the RMT scholarship, I was provided with not only financial assistance, but also a community who pushed me to be the best tiger I can be. I am so proud to be a part of such a strong alumni chapter and see what scholarship money has provided for me and every other RMT scholar. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for continuing to support the students and the University that has given us all so much. Fight tiger!!



My name is Lilliana Hamilton and I am a freshman majoring in animal science. I have had a wonderful time here at Mizzou running on the cross country and track team, visiting all different kinds of barns for my animal science lab, attending as many sports games as possible, and making amazing new friends! Mizzou has so much to offer and I’m excited to discover more as I continue my journey. The RMT scholarship has allowed me to focus all my attention on academics and athletics. I am so grateful for the privilege of being apart of the Tiger family and I want to thank all the donors who have allowed me to pursue this opportunity! I am #mizzoumade!



My name is Jake Reed, an undergraduate freshman studying journalism. Over my freshman year, I had the opportunity to get involved with producing Friday Night Fever at KOMU and curating social media accounts for The Maneater newspaper. I also joined the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity as a founding father to re-establish the chapter on campus. Mizzou is incredibly strong in encouraging enrichment opportunities for all students, even freshmen, which enables me to stay active and engaged within the journalism community. The Rocky Mountain Scholarship has endowed me with the financial liberty to attend university out of state and pursue my passion at the finest J-School in the world! I am endlessly appreciative of the generous Colorado community of donors backing my studies and allowing me to serve as a prime candidate to represent our great state at Mizzou.


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