Meet Our Scholars


Hello Tigers! My name is Abby Wist and I am currently a Senior at Mizzou studying Nursing. My past year has been filled with many exciting new adventures at Mizzou! I was accepted into the Clinical level of Nursing Fall 2019 and am in my second year in the program. During my Clinicals, I have grown extensively in both my skill and comfort level in the hospital setting through assisting with medication administration, performing more advanced skills such as IV placement, and interacting with a variety of patients. I was able to continue this growth as I worked as an Advanced Care Partner (ACP) this past summer at UCHealth in Aurora, Colorado! These experiences have been so valuable to me and I look forward to the upcoming semester as I enter into my Pediatric and Obstetrics rotation.

Last semester (Spring 2019), I was elected as Vice President of External Affairs for the Alumni Association Student Board or AASB. In this position, I oversee a committee who help execute big traditions on campus such as Mizzou 18, Mizzou 39, Senior Sendoff, and Tiger Walk. As a member of the Executive Board, I represented AASB at the annual CASE ASAP (Affiliated Student Advancement Programs) conference this past August in Baltimore, Maryland. Here I was able to network with student alumni chapters from schools across the country and exchange ideas on how to engage students. We also took home an organization of the year title which my fellow executive members and I are very proud of! In addition to AASB, I am also involved as a tour guide with Mizzou Tour Team and an active member of my sorority Pi Beta Phi.

As a sentimental senior looking back on the past three years, I cannot thank Rocky Mountain Tigers enough for all they have done for me. Getting this scholarship was instrumental in my college decision process and introduced me to the most incredible support system. I have been changed and molded into the woman I am today because of my Mizzou experience and am indebted to you. As I begin my “Senior lasts” with my final sorority formal recruitment, I will continue to hold Rocky Mountain Tigers in my heart. Because it’s not just for four years, it’s for life. Proudly Mizzou Made…Fight Tiger!


My name is Lexi Crowder and I am about to begin my third year at Mizzou as a Strategic Communications major!

All ready, my summer semester has proven memorable. For five weeks this summer, I studied abroad in Vietnam with a service learning group. Alongside nine of my peers, I served at Mai Tam, a clinic for those with HIV, facilitating events, teaching English and working on my leadership skills.

Vietnam sparked my inner travel bug and I’ve applied for the Journalism Internship program where I will work in Barcelona, Spain for a semester interning with either an advertising or communications company. Though my acceptance is pending, I trust that my past experience as a marketing assistant for Campus Activities Programming Board and leadership in Mizzou Alternative Breaks will set me apart from the other applicants and I look forward to the upcoming year!

Mizzou continues to amaze me. I feel so lucky to attend the university, where I’ve grown in my passions academically, personally and professionally. Every morning I get to wake up surrounded by those who encourage and challenge me. I love, love, LOVE Mizzou!!

The Rocky Mountain Tigers have been so welcoming and encouraging. Their dedication as alumni truly inspires me to be a better Tiger. I feel honored to be apart of the group and proud to have all of you as my alumni network. ​The alumni and donors’ contributions to my education are greatly appreciated. Your confidence in me means more than you know, and I’m so thankful to have your support. Thank you!


Hi, my name is Taryn Fox and I am entering my junior year at Mizzou! I am particularly excited to start this fall, as I have just been accepted into the clinical portion for nursing. I love Mizzou, it has been such a great fit for me. I am a peer educator with SHAPE, a program out of the wellness resource center that focuses on sexual health. I am also the former president and current secretary for Stronger Together Against Relationship and Sexual Violence, or STARS. I have been a driver for Stripes, the safe ride program here at Mizzou, along with being a microbiology TA.

My love for Mizzou, in part, comes from how ingrained I feel in its campus. It really has become home for me. I want to thank the generous donors and supporters of the Rocky Mountain Tigers because their support enables me to be involved and share the Mizzou-rah spirt every day.


My name is Lilliana Hamilton and I am a sophomore Rocky Mountain Scholar! I am majoring in animal science and pursuing a minor in business. I am also apart of the Mizzou Cross Country and Track team and love representing the tigers in this capacity. I made amazing connections during my first year and learned a lot. Mizzou is such a welcoming community that values each student, and I definitely felt this my first year. I am looking forward to another great year in the classroom, on the track, and in student sections at football games!

The Rocky Mountain Scholarship has enabled me to thrive here at Mizzou and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donors of the Colorado community. The Rocky Mountain Tiger chapter has continued to support me with a strong sense of family and I am so appreciative. Thank you! MIZ!


My name is Jake Reed, an undergraduate sophomore studying journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications, minor in Spanish.

I have gotten involved with Mizzou student media as a member of the Board of Editors on The Maneater newspaper. I curate, write for, and publish content on the various social media accounts which represent our newspaper, and develop publicity appeal to bring our content to a wider audience. Furthermore, I am a Founding Father of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and serve as head liaison for Homecoming to uphold one of the most beloved Mizzou traditions.

I greatly appreciate every opportunity my donors have enabled me with to succeed in academics and extracurriculars. With their support, an education at this university becomes far more accessible and provides me with more fiscal freedom to involve myself as much as possible. Thank you so much for your generosity!


My name is Sydney Tyler and I am an incoming freshman! I am so excited and blessed to pursue a major in nursing at Mizzou. This summer I had an incredible opportunity to travel to Jamaica on a service trip. There I worked in a local town by mentoring and teaching young students at an elementary school, visiting patients at a local infirmary, and working hands on to build a kitchen for a local church. Serving in Jamaica was such a refreshing way to start my summer, and I believe it allowed me to see the things in life that I take for granted, like being able to attend college. I spent the rest of my summer enjoying time with family and friends, going on fun Colorado adventures, and of course preparing for the big move to Como!

This year I am most excited to see how I grow. I look forward to surrounding myself with a community of strong and motivated peers. I look forward to growing socially and academically, and I mostly look forward to seeing what opportunities arise from my freshman year of college (and don’t forget about football games).

Without this incredible organization, I would not have a passionate and supportive Mizzou community to return home to, and I am so thankful for Rocky Mountain Tigers efforts to make me truly feel like family. I would also like to give a big thank you to our donors who make it possible for out of state students like me to pursue their dreams with full force and financial support.


I am Catherine Stallings, a Journalism Major part of the Class of 2023. I spent my summer surrounded by my Colorado mountains (hiking, biking, etc.) before heading off to start on the next chapter of my life here in Missouri.

As a Mizzou legacy, I have been looking forward to going to Mizzou since I was little – it was a law in my household that if someone said MIZ to you and you didn’t say ZOU back a Jayhawk gets its wings and we cannot let that happen. I am so excited to be a part of such a rich community of current tigers and alumni full of traditions (let alone the first ever j-school).

Thank you so much to the donors that helped me get to the University – not only have you aided my dream of finally being a Missouri Tiger, but you have given me the opportunity to study at the number one school of journalism. I cannot thank you enough.


My name is Caitlin Danborn and I am a freshman studying journalism at Mizzou. I spent my summer traveling, working, and spending lots of time in the Colorado mountains. I chose Mizzou because of its renowned J-School and I’m excited to get started with the journalism program. I plan on joining the running club, College Democrats, the True Tiger Network, and writing for the student newspaper.

Thank you to all of the Rocky Mountain alumni members who have contributed so that out of state students like myself can have the opportunity to attend Mizzou!


My name is Kate Bernacchi-Sass, and I am a junior at Mizzou. I am studying journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications, and double minoring in business and Spanish. One of the most common questions I am asked is, why Mizzou? When applying to colleges, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was looking for, but I knew I wanted to be on a campus where I could find my own community. Not only does Mizzou offer different ways for me to get involved – such as Greek Life and playing intramural soccer – but it also embodies a strong sense of school spirit and pride. I have been able to be a part of three different schools and take advantage of new opportunities, such as studying abroad this spring in Barcelona.

The J-School itself has given me hands-on experience in my field and different avenues to pursue such as strategic communications. Through my involvement in Greek Life I have gained lifelong skills, such as leadership, as well as experience with philanthropy. Game days and working at the Mizzou Tennis Center have helped me be a part of Mizzou’s school spirit and support our athletic teams, as well as celebrating the tradition of Homecoming. At Mizzou, I have found both my community and my family. I am so thankful to be a part of this legacy in Colorado, and to be supported financially by the Rocky Mountain Tigers to continue my education.

Thank you to the Mizzou Alumni Association for supporting my studies. The school pride I encounter within the Mizzou community is unmatched, and your generosity pushes me to excel further as I continue my education. Thank you! M-I-Z!


Hello!! My name is Juliana Matteucci and I am a sophomore at Mizzou studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Hospitality Management. I hope to one day be on a sports marketing team (hopefully for the Broncos!) and get the opportunity to be around sports, which have been such a large part of my life and one of my passions for Mizzou!

I have gotten involved at Mizzou as a member of Alpha Chi Omega through formal recruitment as a freshman. Through Alpha Chi Omega, I have participated in Homecoming, Greek Week, intramural sports, numerous philanthropy events, as well as a member on banner committee. I am also a member of Tour Team and have had the opportunity to share my love and passion for Mizzou with prospective freshman. I absolutely love my job and getting to explain to people when they ask me with a puzzled look as to why I would ever leave Colorado for Missouri. I also have recently begun to work for Mizzou Admissions over the summer at the front desk and will continue to do so throughout the school years.

Coming to Mizzou was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I am so glad to be able to have such a love for this school! Thank you so much to the very generous donors of the Rocky Mountain Tigers Scholarship for granting me with the financial help to be able continue studying for my dream job at my dream school. M-I-Z!

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